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Emily Boldin Staff Photo

BA English - Athens State University

AA Pre-Law - Calhoun Community College

High School - Ardmore High School


Westlawn Middle School (Huntsville City Schools) 7th & 8th Grade English/ Adv. English; 7/8 Reading Interventionist

Ninth  Grade  Academy (NGA) (Lincoln County TN Schools) 9th Grade Honors English I / Standard English I

Elkmont High School- 8th & 9th Grade English/ Advanced English



I have lived in Elkmont for 13 years, but I am a graduate of Ardmore High School; however, I am a Kentucky girl at heart. I was born in Shelbyville, KY, and I am happiest whenever I get the chance to visit home. I have two boys, Eli and Caleb that also attend Elkmont. We love being Red Devils! I love watching my boys play any kind of sport and we especially enjoy Baseball season. I like to spend my summers traveling and kayaking. Any kind of new experience or adventure I can take part in makes me happy (not to mention the stories afterwards are always pretty funny)! :)

I am so happy to have the opportunity to be back at Elkmont. GO DEVILS!