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Attention AP 11  

AP 11 Students: My 6th period class brought it to my attention that the footnotes in the Letter to Lord Chesterfield tone analysis activity were not viewable on some devices. In an attempt to fix that, I've uploaded the assignment in an alternative way. You can access a link to the document in my Google Drive account; hopefully you can read the footnotes there. That link is located under "Links" on my teacher page. 

Avoid Vague Pronouns: Example  

       Angelou attempts to make many of her sentences dramatic so that the reader might fully grasp how she is feeling. Angelou uses the hyperbole, “Graduation, the hush-hush magic time of frills and gifts and congratulations and diplomas, was finished for me before my name was even called. The accomplishment was nothing” (par. #). This was to imply that Angelou was extremely upset and bitter about the hand of cards she had been dealt. Deep down Angelou knew that none of this was true. Angelou could become something better than a cotton picker if work was applied to get there, but Angelou was so taken back by the speaker’s words that [she] lost sight of how proud [she] was of her race.

iNow Data  

Dear Students and Parents,

When you log into iNow to check your grades in my class, you will see the following titles: "Data Distribution" and "Data Interpretation." This is simply data analysis for our monthly Problem Solving Team meetings. PST uses these reports to monitor student progress.

I do not enter grades in these two activities. Instead I enter codes. My coding system is as follows:

  • PS = Passed Standard
  • NW = Needs Work

I have heard from several students and parents that when they look in iNow, they see a zero instead of a code. I do not know why that is happening. Rest assured that these codes have no affect on a student's overall average. In the meantime, we teachers are trying to establish why there is a discrepancy between what we put in our grade book and what students and parents see when they look at our grade book.

If you have any questions or concerns about a grade, a code, or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Maggie Keller